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Abandoned Dead Malls Ted Talks



Abandoned Mall

Abandoned Mall Ted Talks

I know this is not a normal topic for my blog, however I am interested in Abandoned buildings and especially old malls that seemed to be forgotten.


I also enjoy watching Ted Talks, and this is once covers abandoned malls.


Growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s a mall was a real treat to visit, the arcade, the food, maybe a potential new toy or a comic book. Some even had movie theaters attached as did the Worcester Center Galleria in Worcester Massachusetts.


I loved going to this mall as a child and also as an adult, although it’s name changed in the 90’s to the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets. This is a video I found of it from the 70’s to the death of the mall.


Basically malls die when the area is deemed unsafe, or it costs money to park or a newer bigger mall opens up nearby.


The internet is also making these once bustling behemoth structures become empty due to convenience.


To this day I still enjoy taking my Daughters to nice malls in the area, there still are many in Massachusetts and with some being in very affluent areas I believe a few will probably stick around for many years to come.


An abandoned mall is like seeing a place where dreams just died, it’s sad but also contains a lesson as well.


You always have to plan with the future in mind, that goes for everything.


Hope you enjoyed this ted talks on abandoned malls.


Plan for the future with complete focus