Breaking Past Temporary Setbacks

Breaking Past Temporary Setbacks



Breaking Past Temporary Setbacks


So many people tell me they will never join an MLM or Network Marketing business because 97% of people fail at it.


People don’t fail, they quit….


Plain and simple if you develop persistence and you never quit you will have success.


Some people will join a company then have a hard time posting a blog post and give up!


Guess what? OF COURSE 97% of the people fail when they give up on the first roadblock they encounter.


If the price of admission into a business was $50,000 to start I can guarantee more people would break past the temporary setbacks that come their way!


Treat your business as if you put your life savings into it and if it doesn’t work it will put your family out on the street climbing through dumpsters for a meal.


Once you decide nothing is going to stop you, guess what? Nothing will!


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