Can You Really Think and Grow Rich

Can You Really Think and Grow Rich


Can You Really Think and Grow Rich


At the bottom of this post there is a video from Napoleon Hill on Think and Grow Rich. The lessons taught in this video when studied and acted upon will transform your life for financial freedom.


I read Think and Grow Rich in May of this year, it is a shortened version of the Law of Success which is also written by Dr. Napoleon Hill. I originally purchased The Law of Success a few years ago and I read on chapter and at that time I truly did not understand it.


I put two and two together after watching The Secret back in February of 2012 and realized I had to read that book again. After reading the Law of Success I had to devour any book like it which led me to Think and Grow Rich.


The principles described and taught in the book all speak of the power of the mind. You can be, have and do anything you want in life. There are no limitations, they are only self imposed.


I wish I would have known these principles when I was a child. Information like this is not taught in any school however if you read the bible much is related to the teachings.


I am 46 years old and with what I have learned from these principles I am having greater successes everyday with the mastery of my own mind.


Go here for a free copy of Think and Grow Rich PDF.


I am teaching these lessons to my children and I can see the positive effect it is having on them not only in their self confidence but also in the success they are achieving each day in school.


When you master control of your mind you are guided by the divine and you will not be steered in the wrong direction. There are no coincidences or luck, you are creating your life each day based on the the thoughts you are focusing on the most.


It may take time to wrap your head around that statement above but it is absolutely true. Your mind is the same as the best radio transmitter and what you think about you literally bring about.


You are not meant to worry and have anxiety everyday you are meant to live an abundant life in all areas including your financial freedom.

If you do not have the time to watch this movie, bookmark this page and watch it at your leisure as these lessons will have a positive impact on anyone who takes the time to learn these principles.


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