Do You React or Respond?

Do You React or Respond?


React or Respond?

When we react to things that happen
in our lives we give up our power.


React = Negative


Only a short 36 months ago I reacted
to everything and felt as though the
world was crushing me.


I found the movie The Secret on Netflix
in February of 2012 and this has led
me down the road to personal development.


I now respond to situations that I am facing
instead of losing my temper or doing something
that just makes matters worse.


We all have choices and when you are in a
state of mind where you feel you have no
influence over them you tend to react.


This is why personal development daily is
a must if you want to feel great in all areas
of your life.


Respond = Positive


When you have choices you can respond to
a situation by stepping back and thinking
about what you are facing and come up with
a better idea.


Successful people make decisions quickly and
change them slowly. The more you focus on
improving your life each day through personal
development you will find you will be able to
make better decisions quickly.


If you want to be successful in all areas of
your life you need to be able to respond.
Track your results when you begin to respond
only and I am positive you will be happier in


Always remember you have choices, you are
never stuck in whatever situation you may be


It may be uncomfortable to dig yourself out but
in the long run you will be rewarded for your


The byproduct of daily personal development is
having your positive messages improve the lives
of all the people you associate with.


Some people who have extremely negative
views on life will react to your wanting to improve
your life but never let that stop you.


I am looking to help motivated people who
want to get a better outlook on life and build
a home business to gain time freedom.


If this is you align with me and the team here.


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Great post!  I just recently started my personal development journey :)