Emergency Fund Health Benefits

Emergency Fund Health Benefits



Emergency Fund Health Benefits
It is important to have an emergency fund and the most important benefit is for your health.


Stress is a silent killer and if you are seriously in debt it can take a toll on your body.


You need save three to six months of your income and if you don’t have saved start with a small percentage each week until you are putting away 10% of your gross income.


I know this is difficult but with discipline your bank account will grow and your health will improve knowing that you are becoming financially fit. Now when you have a sudden unexpected bill or something breaks panic will not ensue.


When you get to a point where you can save more than 10% and you have your emergency fund established look at investing. I love investing and while I tend to be attracted to the riskier of investments there is great money to be made.


I personally have bought a few stocks at less than 20 cents a share and see them rise to over $11. You can open an account with Sharebuilder or Etrade and start small, small is fine since I have one stock I bought called SIRI which is Sirius XM and I purchased only $500 worth of the stock when it was 21 cents a share and today it is about $3.86 a share.  So that one small investment is worth $9,190.47 , not too shabby from only $500.


It is so much easier to invest and learn about investing today than it was years ago. Average people can have extraordinary results and of course it can go the other way too. One book I would like to recommend for your future financial health is Money by Tony Robbins, it is excellent and will really help you navigate the overwhelming nature of personal finance.


Make sure to invest in yourself each day as well!


Do your homework either way and get in the habit of staying financially fit.


If you are looking for a vehicle to help you build and Emergency fund and get healthy too check out what I’m doing here.


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