Great Leaders Inspire Others

Great Leaders Inspire Others


Great Leaders Inspire Others


So I started reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek, I read it or I should say listened to it one time already, the thing is repetition is good to get it to sink in.


I am working on myself to become the best leader possible,  learning from this book we need to focus on inspiring others, a great line in the book is “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”.


What is your why? Mine is to help as many people possible to become healthy and wealthy and provide the best lifestyle possible for my family. Take a moment and write down what your why is or if you would share your why in the comment section below, I would love to see it.


There is something in each of us that pushes us to do something and if people buy into your vision they will buy into you. So let’s say you are building a business built around health products and you are an absolute mess health wise, would you follow that person?


I did a post a few days ago on becoming a product of your product so if it is a health based business and you keep sharing how you are losing all this weight and how you have so much energy now where you used to want to just sit on the couch watching television and eating twinkies people will take notice.


You ultimately want to create more leaders in your business and if you can inspire them to act based on telling your story and relating it to them so they also feel that the results you are getting are possible for them you will not only gain a lot of customers you will attract great business partners.


Work on yourself each day and you will grow into an awesome inspiring leader, it won’t happen overnight but you will get better each day!


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