Grow Your Business With Targeted Leads

Grow Your Business With Targeted Leads


How to Generate Targeted Leads


Anyone can start generating leads by sending traffic to a capture page. What the majority of marketers miss is generating targeted leads, quality not quantity is what converts to sales.


Think about it for a moment, you are searching for something on the internet and what you find exactly matches what you are looking for, what do you generally do??


You whip out your credit card and make a purchase right?


A lot of marketers stay away from paid advertising, afraid to let go of some profits and willing to grind it out on social networks till they fall asleep drooling on their keyboards. That mindset is not for me, leveraging my profits back into paid advertising that is targeted gives me time freedom.


Here’s how to get targeted leads.


First you need to open up an account with an advertising network and in this example I will refer to Bing since I find it to be easy to navigate and also does not require you to drop $1,000 to get started which some of the larger networks require. I also use Adknowledge and that one used to require you to depost $500.


Now you need to get in the mind of your perfect customer or business partner and think of things a person might be typing in at Google to find the solution you have for them. When you start typing in these keywords you will notice popups of other words and these will be common keywords people are typing so what you can do is type it in and put the long tail keywords in quotes and that will narrow it down, now scroll to the bottom of the page and look at searches related and open up a note pad and copy and paste these keywords in.


Now you can take those long tail keywords into the Google Keyword planner tool and see what other keywords it will come up with for you and copy those into note pad or word document. You are going to compile 20 to 30 specific keywords in the beginning.


The more congruent your ad is with your capture page and offer the more optins you will receive as well as conversions to sales.


When you are in Bing after you setup your headline, ad and plug in your links you will need to copy and paste those keywords you collected and what you are going to do is set each keyword to EXACT, if you keep it the default BROAD and don’t know what you are doing you will run through your money fast with probably not the results you want. Now you are going to monitor the progress a few times a day and see how many impressions you are getting as well as clicks and you should know how many leads you are getting based on email notifications if you set it up that way in your autoresponder account.


When you only have 20 or 30 long tail keywords you may notice you are not getting a lot of clicks but when they optin they are an extremely targeted lead and you can also change your headlines and such if the ad is not performing well or you can split test and try out a few different headlines and ad copy. Also be mindful of the cost per click, you are bidding against others for keywords so some will be extremely cheap like 5 cents and some can go higher then $10 so make sure you look before you just let it go.


I generally set my daily spend to $10 a day and most of my campaigns when I start out with under 30 keywords my daily spend is less than a few dollars and I am generating super targeted leads that are converting to sales each day. Will this be your experience, I don’t know all I can say is it is working great for me and I am sure a whole lot of other people.


This same method for generating targeted leads works by blogging as well, just realize it is a long term traffic strategy.


If you are interested in a live example of what I am sharing above connect with me on Facebook and when enough people show interest I will do a live Hangout.


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