How to Access the Field of Potentiality

How to Access the Field of Potentiality


How to Access the Field of Potentiality


What if I was to tell you that you are already accessing the field of potentiality?


You are accessing the field of potentiality every single day and the results you get are based on the quality of your thoughts.


Some people refer to this field of potentiality as God or the Universe but regardless of what you personally believe you are accessing it whether you want to or not.


Are you 100% happy with your life?


If you are then you are already a master of this great power and you can continue on your awesomeness!


If not read on….


What types of beliefs do you have going on in that incredible powerful brain of yours?


A large amount of these beliefs are making a huge impact in a negative way on your life each day.


You can change these beliefs but you have to first recognize that changes even need to be made.


Do you have all the money you desire?


Have you found the love of your life?

Are you passionate about what you do each day?


Do you have an open mind that welcomes change?


Here’s how it works, if you are focusing on always not having enough of anything you will always find evidence that you will never have enough.


If you are grateful for what you have right now and continue to focus on what I would like to refer as a mental movie of how you want your life as if you are already living it and also being grateful for it you will begin to attract people and events into your life to help you have what it is that is only your imagination at the moment and turn it into reality.


If you want success faster you have to believe with all your heart. Change is difficult for everyone but do you really want to keep living your life over each day like you are in the movie Groundhog Day?


I hope not, it sucks being stuck and you should work to get unstuck right now or at least recognize you might be at least a little stuck.


I am working on this daily, speaking from experience I had a ton of limiting beliefs keeping me stuck and with each day they roll out of my consciousness due to the fact of taking the first step toward making permanent changes.


The field of potentiality does not care whether you are successful or not, it is just there to make all your wishes come true if you can wrap your head around it and start taking action.


You deserve everything you believe you deserve, remember this.


If getting healthy is one of the things you want in life work with me personally here.


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