How to Believe When Evidence Is Not There

How to Believe When Evidence Is Not There


How to Believe When Evidence is Not There


It can be very tough believing in something or even yourself when the evidence you are looking for is not apparent. This is why daily personal development is critical to your success in anything you are trying to achieve.


Your thoughts are creating experiences for you; do you like the experiences you are attracting?


For me personally, a few years ago I was very depressed and with that focus on being depressed only let me experience depression.


When you begin to realize that you are creating your own experience it becomes easier to set yourself free to experience a much more abundant life in all areas.


You can’t focus on what you want in way which comes from lacking what it is you want.


You need to set up clear expectations and be happy for what it is you truly want to experience. I know some of you may say easier said than done and you are correct in saying that however it is possible but you definitely need to think differently.


Think of watching a movie and instead of the actor or actress that is leading the show replace yourself with that person in your mind and get comfortable creating your own mental movies of how you want your life to be in every detail or in the beginning just focus on one area you are working on and practice this daily.


There are universal laws at play that work 100% of the time and when you have that level of belief going into anything you are shooting for you will succeed.


Here is something else that pretty much baffled my mind when I first heard it is that everything is vibrating and if we are not in frequency with what it is we want we will never have it.


You are probably thinking, I always think about what I want but never seem to be able to get it….


Well the only reason you are not getting it is because you don’t believe you are going to get it in the first place and your thoughts are proving that to you based on the experiences you are attracting.


When you begin to practice how you want things to go for you after a few weeks you will notice the change. The quicker you can become in vibration with what it is you want the quicker you will attract the people, the opportunities and what have you that will prove this works 100% of the time.


It can take a while to undo all that negative thinking which is why I recommend working on this daily even if you only have 15 to 30 minutes to spare.


I would like to share one tip if you are looking for more money in your life.


Withdraw $100 from your bank account and keep it with you at all times, you are not going to physically spend this money. (If you don’t have $100 get $20 for now)


You are going to mentally spend it each day on things that cost $100 or less, this exercise is to open your mind to abundance since if you mentally spend the $100 twenty times during the day you have spent $2,000 in your mind and if you continue this over time you will attract more money in your life.


Why does this work?


It works because going around each day thinking you cannot afford things does not work and will only bring you experiences to prove that you are absolutely right.


If you want to have abundance in your life you need to think abundantly.


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