How To Get More Engagement on Social Media Platforms

How To Get More Engagement on Social Media Platforms


So many people struggle to understand that if you want to get engagement on social media platforms, you must be engaging yourself. 

Some things to do related to the social media platform

Comment and like other people’s posts, extra credit share some posts.
You are invoking the law of reciprocation and the more consistent you are at engaging with other people’s content you will find more people will engage in yours. Might not be the same people that you are liking and commenting on but people take notice.
Google Plus: 
Comment and plus one people’s posts and share the content if you connect with it.
Same thing will happen for you here, it is all about consistency. I have way more engagement on Facebook since that is where I am most active.


Comment and click the heart button on posts and re pin if the message is congruent with your board. 
Retweet and favorite people’s tweets.


Be yourself and have fun on social media platforms, connect with people and be genuine. People will know when you are not.


Messaging people through social media sites


If the profile is open for viewing take a look and see what the person is about before you send your first message. You can find out a bit about a person by the content they post.

Don’t use copy paste messages and don’t send business links to anyone unless you get the ok first. Get to know the person a bit before you do any pitching of your business.

I get pitched on a daily basis on Facebook and you want to avoid doing the following if you want to get respect in the home business industry.
If you have a chat with someone and they do want your link and then you get back to them and they tell you they are not interested don’t get upset at them and unfriend or block the person. Sometimes all the no means is not for them right now and by being professional with the person when they are ready they may come to you.


Don’t burn bridges……

Build your network and you will increase your networth!

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