How Would You Like to Have the Internet Make Your Mortgage Payment

How Would You Like to Have the Internet Make Your Mortgage Payment


Pay For Your Mortgage with the Internet


Well first do you have a mortgage or rent payment each month? The majority of us do.

I am sure you look forward to that time of the month where you write out that monthly payment right?


Haha sure you do!


Unfortunately it always seems like those payments are a little more than we wish they were and by the time we write the check there is not much left. One of my mentors said he could never save more than $200 from paycheck to paycheck… The idea for him to not have a house payment was a dream.


An important face is that most bankruptcies could have been prevented if people had just an extra $200 to $300 a month.


You can find programs everywhere that teach you how to save money. The programs at least most of them are very good but one thing for certain is you just need to make more money.


The majority of people out there in the work force have resigned themselves to getting a weekly paycheck and if everything works out a possible 3% cost of living raise which barely keeps up with it…


Ok now, hopefully I have not depressed you and here is where we get real and do something about it.


What if you could earn enough Extra money each month to pay your rent or mortgage?


That would make a huge difference for most people right?


My mentor had a goal to make an extra $50 a month, a small amount but that is what he needed to make his house payment at the time. He knew the money was not going to magically appear; he had to take action and do something.


He found the internet and this opened a new world for him. It took him a few months and he hit his first goal of $50 a day and what this meant to him was his house was paid for!


Now since the payment was covered and no one likes paying interest his next goal was $100 a day. He found that getting to the $100 a day goal was much easier and in 6 months he was hitting $500 a day and after that $1,000 a day.


I know for most people this is hard to comprehend if you never did anything online before but it is possible. We all have a financial thermostat and we will tend to go back to the comfortable level of income so we have to reprogram the way we think about earning money.


The internet has changed virtually everything.


It is possible for a stay at home mom or dad to make an extra income part time or a full time worker to do the same. The beauty of an internet business is you can work it at any time of the day at your own schedule.


It is possible to work on your internet business part time and eventually have the income earned surpass what you currently earn at your job and then you have more options that would be a great feeling right?


It is possible for a retired person to actually live like a person retired should live, without worry and being able to travel and enjoy those years.


The internet has made all this possible and there are many ways online to do it. You just have to look and then take action.


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