Is Your Blog Dying?

Is Your Blog Dying?


Is Your Blog Dying


So it has been quite a while between blog posts lately and I’ve made a few observations.


When you stop consistently blogging even if it is only once a week you will notice a sharp downturn in traffic over time. You may have posts that rank up on the first page but over time you will lose that footing if not active.


If you have particular content that ranks on the first page of the search engines make sure to do the maintenance it takes to keep it there.  At least once a month write a blog post on the same subject as the high ranking blog post and then spin it using a tool like social monkey and make sure to use the link to your high ranking post to build back links. (Just tried logging into the social monkey site and appears to be down – there are other similar sites though so no worries)


Some SEO gurus say it doesn’t matter but in my experience it does.


If you are not blogging for a bit make sure to syndicate your old content, If you have a post that was great but not seen or SEO friendly share it on your social networks. Instant traffic is a good thing and from people that actually know you so they may actually look at more of your other content.


When you don’t consistently post blog content or share your older quality posts and the traffic isn’t coming in how you would like from the search engines, it is kind of like having a store that is going out of business.


I understand life gets in the way from time to time as it has for me as well, but don’t let your blog die.


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