Most People Have Good Hearts

Most People Have Good Hearts


Most People Have Good Hearts
I thought it would be a good day to share an inspiring video with you.


So much negative news out there and sometimes it is all we fill our minds with. We almost can’t help it right? Take a look at and news channel and more than 95% of the news is negative. People feed of negative news these days.


So once in a while you find a story like this one that inspires and uplifts you to do better. When you are feeling down, stories such as this one will help you realize your life is not as bad as you might think.


The question I have for you today is..


What are you doing to help inspire others?


Do you only focus on yourself or are you looking for ways to help others?


Want to know an amazing thing that I’ve learned about success in life?


The majority of people who I know that are successful in life, the ones who have wealth, friends and are happy in most cases got there because they helped other people become successful as well. I am only talking about the people who are truly happy.


It is so simple, help others become successful and by default you become successful as well. Most people think it’s the complete opposite of this.


My challenge for you today is to help somebody. Pick one or more people and help them become better. It can be an act of kindness or physical service, or you could help someone on your team with their business and become free. The possibilities of helping others are endless, look for the opportunity every day and take action. You will feel better and they will feel better and the world will become a better place one person at a time.


You see most people do have good hearts.


Yes it will take work, but at the end of the day you will become a happier person for it.


Have an awesome day!!


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