Prime Your Brain for Success

Prime Your Brain for Success


Prime Your Brain for Success


Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body in regards to success. Depending on your mindset your day can go many ways.


You could have had a bad experience the day before and because of that you keep focusing on it and even more negative experiences keep popping up in your awareness. Do you really want to keep going down the road of negativity and doom and gloom?


Some people I really wonder but since you have read this far down I think not for you right?


We are all going to have negative experiences and the goal is to respond correctly to them so we don’t keep going around being crap magnets.


Turn your negative situation around as quick as possible by looking for what is going right in your life in the moment, think of the simple things and then expand on that.


When you wake up in the morning say to yourself “Every day and in every way I am getting better and better.”. If you prime your brain correctly each day your focus will bring you toward success rapidly and with less physical effort.


If your brain is always working efficiently by concentrating on what is going right and you continue to find more things that are going right your dopamine levels will increase and your performance as well increases.


Set large goals and then break it down into small achievable goals each day to keep your brain at peak performance. Trick your brain into not being disappointed with goals that are not reached immediately by celebrating each small step forward you have made.


Prime your brain throughout the day with positive mantras like the one I described earlier in the post. Words have a powerful effect on your performance and by priming yourself with positive words you will completely change your life around.


You hold the power of choice and even though we suffer great tragedies in life we can always look for the positives in the moment. The more you practice this the better you will get and the better your daily experience will be.


It will take practice, depending on how deep your beliefs about things are it may take a long time before this works for you but if you embrace it as you have nothing to lose I believe you will be a success.


If you are looking to better your mind and body see what I’m doing here.


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