Put Yourself Out There

Put Yourself Out There


Put Yourself Out There


So many people get into the home business industry and think money is going to drop from the sky because they arrived. If you want to earn money in this industry you have to put yourself out there.


You have to be out there daily giving value to the market place, people are always going to buy stuff and why not have them buy from you? I know giving value gets thrown around a lot without an explanation what giving value even is. If you help inspire someone or solve someone’s problem you are giving value to the market place.


Many people are afraid to get started because they are worried what friends and family might think of them and I am the first to admit it was a stumbling block of mine for a long time. The thing is when people judge you or say negative things to you when you are going after big dreams it is only out of their own fear and the fear of you actually doing better than them.


People are thinking about themselves so don’t concern yourself with what they think, move forward with your vision and continue to put yourself out there. You want to know what happens when you commit to doing this?


Sure you do.


The people who resonate with your vision will find you and you will be able to inspire and help an ever increasing amount of people. Your income will be built on growing your network and building your relationship with people and I don’t mean you will have to take a thousand people out for dinner I am saying if you commit to putting yourself out there they will see your videos and blog posts and the ones that subscribe to your email list will also get your emails and these same people will become customers and business partners over time.


Just remember it will never happen if you are afraid to put yourself out there, just do it!


You can do it and if it is support you need just get around other people who are doing the same thing like me. Some of the best friends I have now are people I have met at industry events so be sure if your company has one do your best to attend, it is a huge boost to your business.


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