Self Talk Sabotage

Self Talk Sabotage


Self Talk Sabotage


We all have done at different times in our life and for some perhaps daily, negative self talk.


Here is the number one thing to ask yourself when you catch yourself doing it, would you be friends with someone who spoke to you this way.


I mean if you had a friend who kept telling you how stupid, fat and unworthy you are, would you keep them around?


Then why constantly beat yourself up with this non stop inner self talk chatter.


For some of us it becomes a natural thing to do and we don’t even think about it however it is really hurting your ability to achieve your weight loss, income and personal goals.


The first step is to acknowledge you are doing it and forgive yourself and from this point on be aware the moment you start thinking up that negative self talk.


Switch your focus immediately to being grateful for breathing, having food in your stomach and water to drink. Really just being grateful for anything will change your point of attraction and I imagine you want to start attracting awesome things and experiences in your life right now.


You can’t be both grateful and negative at the same time, it’s impossible.


Being grateful just feels good and everything in regards to attracting what you want in life has to do with your emotions. You can attract negative experiences just as easy as positive ones and this is a good indicator on where your self talk is getting you.


Even if you have to fake a smile it will help your point of attraction since your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference and it releases the same chemicals in your body whether it is real or faked.


Of course you should be genuinely happy and grateful everyday but you have to start somewhere and if you were a particularly negative person for many years it will take time to turn it around.


I can promise you one thing though, you will be happy you did and everything in your life will seem to go better as well and when negative things do happen since they always do you will not slip into depression mode again and perhaps you will see the seed of equal or greater opportunity out of the experience and capitalize on it.


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