Simple Blog Post Search Engine Indexing and Syndication Check List

Simple Blog Post Search Engine Indexing and Syndication Check List


Blog Post Syndication Tips


Ok so you wrote your first blog post and now you
are wondering what to do next……..


You want eye balls to see your content right?

Well here is a check list on what you should do
each time after you create your blog post.




Go to Pingler and submit your blog post and use
a keyword that you are targeting.


Do the same at Pingomatic




Get some social book marks or back links by
heading over to Social Monkee, it only takes a
few minutes to create a free account and for
the free account you can submit one a day.


Use this free article spinner to spin your content
or use the one on the site by following the directions
at Social Monkee.




I like to blast content out and generate additional
social back links at Social Marker.




You can mask and cloak your blog post link and
share on social networks, go here.
One other great thing is when you do this is the
post you are cloaking if you spin your article and
insert this into the description over time your post
that is cloaked will be found by people searching.




People love reading PDF’s online and people
search for content in these document sharing
sites so get an account at Slide Share and
Doc Stoc and if you want a free and easy
way to create a PDF of your content go to
this blog post I did on the subject.


There are many other things you can do but
this is a good baseline to get you on the right


If you do a lot of videos as well for your marketing
you can do some of the steps above to get more
traffic to them as well.


Video marketing is the best way for people to get
to know, like and trust you and will always in my
opinion be your best source of traffic. To get your
content out to many eyes quickly you need to be
using this Video Distribution site which by the way
is completely free and will save you a ton of time
once setup.


Share your blog posts and videos in Facebook
groups. Join groups that are congruent with the
content you are creating. As a bonus for reading
this post click on the link below for 100 groups
to post your blogs and videos.


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