Success Leaves Clues

Success Leaves Clues


Success Leaves Clues


I was watching a Jim Rohn video on YouTube the other day and he said a profound statement, success leaves clues.


Success does leave clues, think about it if you follow successful people you naturally absorb their knowledge and if you take action with what you learned you can generate similar results.


Reading is one way you can absorb all this awesome knowledge that is just out there waiting for you.

I have been working on my own personal development for over a year now and recently in my family we started a nightly reading time where we shut everything off and for 30 minutes we read.


It is very peaceful and we all invest this time together growing our knowledge and forming a habit that will make us all collectively more successful.


Too many people spend way too much time in front of the television watching mindless shows and news that programs your mind for failure.


I am not saying watching a little mindless television is a bad thing but certainly the amount of time it is watched can be.


They call it television programming for a reason, you are being programmed. When you sit in front of that television your mind drifts off into an alpha state and in that state the information your mind receives goes unfiltered into your subconscious.


Your subconscious mind is a goal striving mechanism so if you want to be successful you need to make it a practice daily to program your mind with information that serves you.


Think of your mind as a muscle, if you want to build that muscle you want to work out and eat the kinds of food that support it. So give your mind a workout and feed it great information daily for your success.


Getting around successful people is the quickest path to success, your income is the average of the five people you associate with within a percentage so if you want to increase the amount you earn you need to make sure you have an open mind and get around these people.


Attend seminars and events that successful people go to, one little tip can transform your life at these events but you will never know if you never venture from your comfort zone.


Successful people push themselves out of their comfort zone daily, do you want to be successful or average?


Successful is more fun, you can help more people and you can inspire more people to realize whatever situation you might be in right now can change in an instant.


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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post on success leaves clues.