The Amazing Human Mind

The Amazing Human Mind



The Amazing Human Mind


I often wonder why two people doing similar things in life can get drastically different results, it comes down to our amazing human mind.


You see Mindset will get you everything you want and don’t want in life…


If we think in terms of planting crops, the soil doesn’t care whether you are planting strawberries or some harmful poisonous bush, it will return what is planted.


Same thing goes for our mind, we plant negative destructive thoughts or plant powerful positive thoughts we will reap those results as our mind doesn’t care. Well our subconscious mind that is.


This is why two people in the same industry doing the seemingly same thing are getting different results, if one person is extremely confident and only thinks of being successful and puts out that intention with every action , that person will always succeed.


If the other person has opposing thoughts and are not sure of themselves all the time they will get unsure lackluster results.


They both can have the same IQ, it is their mindset that sets them apart.


How to use our amazing human mind to gradually overcome doubt and past bad experiences


Celebrate each small result and break down each goal into smaller goals that can be easily achieved. Set yourself up for success.


If we start out with a huge goal without breaking them down into smaller chunks it is too easy to go in retreat mode and never really make any strides forward.


I realize everyone is different and just sharing what is working for me.


It is better at the end of the day for you to feel like you made a few steps forward and this also makes you happier, which helps you put even more effort in the next day.


Personally I feel awful if I don’t follow through on things and this has a negative effect on progress.


Breaking the steps down and the action plans down creates small successes every single day and creates larger successes for the future.


There are definitely steps in being great at anything out there, mindset will just make you successful much quicker than someone constantly doubting and not taking daily action.


Mindset also ties into the law of attraction and if you are looking for people to show up in your life that can help you on your mission to succeed, I can tell you from personal experience when you are focused on whatever it is you will find that will happen for you.


Very exciting when we realize we are not alone and we all have something to offer another person.

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