The Law of Attraction Simplified

The Law of Attraction Simplified


The Law of Attraction Simplified


The Secret Movie told us to do the following:






What it neglected to tell us is that we need to take massive action, the law of attraction is working everyday in your life whether you are aware of it or not.


To truly attract what you want you need to not focus on what you do not, meaning you can not focus on lack in any area of your life.


It will take time to get the law of attraction to work in your favor but the payoff is worth the effort.


When you focus on what you do want and believe it can happen for you, situations and thoughts will come to you for you to take action on.


The universe wants you to have what you want and the universe is abundant so you will not be taking anything from anyone.


You can do more for people if you have more to give, so many people think money is evil and they pretty much doom themselves to poverty or at the very least repel what could be enriching their life.


You can improve your success practicing the law of attraction with positive statements that you read aloud each day in the morning and at night just before you go to sleep.


I will share an example with you by clicking here.


You can also write down and say aloud through the day anything you would like to manifest with a statement like this:


Why is it so fun and easy to make 2 sales in ________.


When you form a statement into a positive question your mind seeks the answer and the more you repeat a statement like the one above, you will attract thoughts and situations that will push you in the direction if you take action on them immediately.


Wishing you abundant success and prosperity my friend.


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