The Magic of Not Giving a F*CK

The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck – Ted Talks





The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck


Ted talks always bring so much value and this one by Sarah Knight on the subject of The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck was awesome!


If you are easily offended, please retreat back to where you were before viewing this since as you can see some profanity is involved.


How many times do we do things we don’t want to do just because we don’t want to be viewed as inconsiderate or worse an asshole.


Sarah Knight talks about mental decluttering, getting rid of all the mind junk that keeps us doing things we hate to do or costs us too much money and time.


She also tells how to do it in a manner where you are polite about it.


Giving a fuck, means you care.


If you say I don’t give a fuck about something it just means you don’t care about it.


Define your fucks as your time, energy and money.


So if you don’t care about something you should stop giving your fucks to it.


So what will happen is you will have more time, energy and money in the process.


Sarah talks about creating a Fuck budget.


Step 1 – Decide what you don’t give a fuck about.


Step 2 – Stop giving a fuck about those things.


It’s all about not giving a fuck using honesty and politeness.


So at the end of the day, don’t be an asshole but only give your fucks to what deserves your time, energy and money and be happy in the process.


This is a mastermind that has changed my life.


Hope you enjoyed this post on The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck Ted Talks.