The News is Killing Your Chances for Success

The News is Killing Your Chances for Success



The News is Ruining Your Chances for Success


If you are working on changing your mindset you must also tune off the news.


This is why…


When watching the news or the television your mind goes into an alpha state which means all the information being pumped in to your brain is going straight through unfiltered into your subconscious.


So what this means is the news becomes true to you and your belief system and if the news you are watching is all focused on everything going wrong in the world this will become what you focus on and will always find evidence to support these new beliefs.


It becomes difficult to succeed if you think the economy is awful and people are not spending money or everyone is out to get you and so on.


I know it is good to know what is going on in the world in regards to safety as far as the weather and whatnot but you can get this information in an app on your phone.


If you take all the time you are investing in watching the news or the television and put it into reading or listening to books that can help you in life those are the thoughts you want shooting straight into your subconscious mind.


Remember you become what you think about… Do you want to become the news?


Think of all the people you can help with new positive information, become someone who inspires people to do better, stop dreaming and actually making something happen and achieve those goals you may have had when you were younger.


Try shutting off the news for seven days and instead read or talk with your family or go for a nice walk.


You can do this and you can have massive success in your life, don’t let the news bring you down to the point where you lose hope.


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