The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale


The Strangest Secret



I first heard of The Strangest Secret when Bob Proctor
mentioned him in one of his lectures. I went searching
and found this video which is very powerful if you practice
what is being taught.


The Secret is within all of us and really is not a secret at
all. Some people succeed and some people fail and when
you interview the failures it will be apparent on why.


You see a good mental attitude is the only thing that
separates you from what you want to achieve.


The secret is the ability to focus on what you want
to achieve and to replace any negative thoughts with
positive ones along the way to get you to your goal.


A successful person for the most part doesn’t even realize
they are doing this naturally. We are all given the same
ability to achieve anything we believe we can achieve in
life. Notice I said what we believe since if you do not believe
something is possible for you your subconscious will not
be of service to you.


You need to impress upon your goals daily in to your
subconscious. A good practice is to write a goal down
on a card and look at this goal throughout the day for
the next 30 days. You will be amazed what will happen
if you start this practice.


I like writing a goal out like this.


Why is it so easy to earn $500 a day from my business?


When you write goals out like this your mind searches for
an answer and just as the Secret talks about the law of
attraction this puts your mind at ease since you are asking
yourself why.


I learned this technique from Noah St John and he calls it
afformations, which is also a form of Autosuggestion.



Don’t let life get you down, you are only where you are today
based on past thinking and once you change your thinking
your life will change.


You are the one to decide when and once you start traveling
down the road of personal development you will experience
breakthroughs frequently.


Our minds are amazingly powerful and there is no secret to
it but it takes right thinking to make it happen. Thinking that
is not serving you needs to be banished from your thoughts
by replacing them with positive books and surround yourself
with like minded people.


Life is awesome, and if you are looking for a way to earn
and get healthy at the same time check this out.


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You Earl cant have put it any simpler..."We are what we think" Our results, lives, goals all fall back into what Our subconscious and conscious mind thinks. So true Kevin!