Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things


Thoughts Become Things


What do you focus on each day?


Does your mind wander?


We all have problems, everyone of us is dealing with something and it is how we concentrate our minds as to what the outcome will be positive or negative.


Sometimes just a small shift in thinking can turn a problem into an opportunity, the more you look to the good of a situation or event the quicker you will get in a better state of mind.


The law of attraction or law of the universe states what we focus on materializes in the physical world when believed and acted upon on a daily basis.


It is so important to not let your mind wander but to become a master of it and use it to the full potential. When you get in a habit of not focusing on the negative things that happen day to day and switch the thought immediately to what you are grateful for things change immediately for you.


Being grateful everyday for everything in your life ensures a great outcome for you when it is meant down deep in your heart.


We are all offered the same opportunities in life but some people are so carried away with their own limiting beliefs they are often paralyzed to not act on them due to the fear of failure.


I am not perfect and have made many mistakes but I learn from those mistakes and work to make myself a better person each day.


Personal growth is so powerful, we are only here on this earth for a short time and I want the time to mean something and working on myself helps me and helps others.


Children are always watching the adults and picking up everything you say and do and it is even more important to set a good example for them and let them dream.


I share everything I am learning on how the mind works with my children and I can see the positive results due to these principles.


We have no limitations only the limitations of what you believe and thats it. I wish I would have been taught these principles when I was a child but today is a new day and everyday when we open our minds up to possibility we expand our horizons with each gradual shift we make.


Stay happy, keep focused on positive and don’t let anyone else’s beliefs interfere with your own.


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