Top Ten Strong Kangen Water Uses

Top Ten Strong Kangen Water Uses


Top Ten Strong Kangen Water Uses


This is my 4th week with my Enagic K8 alkaline water machine and today I am sharing my top ten for Strong Kangen Water uses.


  1.  Nasal Wash to remedy allergies, snoring and cold symptoms, due to the reduction in nasal passage inflammation.
  2. Make Up Remover – Not for me but when you have lots of Women in your house it is nice to be able to make this strong kangen water at will.
  3. Stomach flu, Indigestion, Heart Burn and Food Poisoning –  Drink one quarter cup of FRESH Strong Kangen 11.5 immediately followed by twenty five ounces of 9.5 Kangen Water, then do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. May repeat the next day only if necessary.
  4. Good Night Sleep – Drink half to one ounce of 11.5 before bedtime to release Melatonin for an awesome nights sleep.
  5. Arthritis, Gout or Muscle Soreness – High alkalinity draws out acids you can soak in the 11.5 strong Kangen water by liberally rubbing the water into the affected area.
  6. Vegetables and  Fruits – Soak them for a minimum of five minutes to clean all the pesticides off.
  7. Meats – Soak for ten minutes to help tenderize and clean meat.
  8. Clogged Drains – Use instead of dangerous chemicals.
  9. Polish – Use on your granite, stainless steel and many other surfaces instead of expensive and dangerous chemicals.
  10. Stains of Clothes or Rugs – Use as a de-greaser spray liberally on affected areas and let sit for ten to twenty minutes and then blot out if on carpets or wash out if on clothing. As a bonus you can use one to two quarts of strong Kangen instead of laundry detergent.


There are many more uses for Strong Kangen water, just wanted to hit some of the top ones.

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