We all Have Choices

We all Have Choices


We All Have Choices


We all have choices every day and the choices mold your life. I wanted my Wife to stay home and raise our first daughter Shannen back in 1999 and with that choice amazing things happened in my life.


I attracted more money in my life and replaced the income my Wife was making within just a few months of her leaving her job. This choice we made as a family was solid and when we had our second daughter in 2005 it was great to be able to still have my Wife stay home and raise Lauren.


In the beginning of 2012 I was feeling very depressed like I was just on the treadmill of life, I had a great job but still felt something was missing. I gave up on my home business dream back in 2005 when Lauren was born, I shouldn’t say I gave up on it but I stopped putting effort in.


I made the choice to get back in the game and this time around I was going to seek out knowledge from people who are having the success I desire. It has been challenging, I am not going to lie however each day it gets easier and easier.


With each result and the next better choice magic seems to happen. I am doing this business to provide multiple streams of income to my family if anything should happen to me. Sort of an insurance policy but better since this one will help other people and even you if you decide to take action.


I am very blessed that I found great mentors over the past few years, they have guided me down the right path to make sure that the choices I am making marketing each day has impact.


I now have faith this time around I am going in the right direction and with each success my faith grows stronger. You will find many people will not possess the same faith as you and quit before they even get started but the ones that make the choice for the right reasons have success.


I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and hope I can make a positive impact in your life.


Become the star in your life, stop being an extra and follow your dreams.


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