What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection – Ted Talks

What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection – Ted Talks



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No one likes getting rejected and the more we get rejected we tend to not ever try that thing again.


It happens early in life, like getting laughed at for answering a question wrong or being bad at sports, the list goes on and on.


What if we didn’t always run from being rejected, what if we actually went for whatever we want no matter what?


I mean what’s going to happen, you’re not going to die.. I mean unless you think you can jump out of planes without a parachute.


Seriously though, rejection is not going to kill you and if you can hang in there the feeling will slowly dissipate until rejection becomes a thing of the past as far as holding you back from anything.


You can check out the Ted Talks above on the subject but I am going to relate it to being an entrepreneur.


If we never ask the answer will always be no, also if we never do the tough things in the beginning to lay a good foundation it will be tough to teach others and become a great leader.


It can be tough sharing your opportunity with other people and getting a ton of no’s, especially if they are from close friends and family.


The good thing is if we figure out what people are actually looking for and can help them, rejection will be rare and when it does happen it wont be a setback.


Not being afraid to ask questions is a major key to overcoming rejections, figuring out and asking why can help you quickly figure out if something is right for the other person.


Go for whatever it is you want in life since you only have one to give it your all in, make rejection a path to your success.


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