What is an Autoresponder and How to Build a List

What is an Autoresponder and How to Build a List


What is an Autoresponder


If you are looking to start marketing on the internet you need to know what an Autoresponder is and how to use it.


I get many questions on what is an autoresponder and how do I build a list so I figured I would create a post so I don’t have to keep typing it out each time or talk on the phone till I am blue in the face. LOL


Ok an autoresponder is nothing more than a way to communicate with your list. The next question I get asked well what good is it if I don’t have a list to communicate to.


Well this is where marketing comes in, you have to either create a capture page or use one that is built into the company that you are involved with.


Most business opportunities will allow you to capture the lead by inserting the Campaign that you created in Aweber, GVO, Get Response and many more.


Creating a campaign is a snap but a little different depending on the company you purchased the service. My favorite autoresponder service is Aweber and my second best is GVO.


In order to build a list with your autoresponder you need to get traffic to your capture page. There are many ways to do this and I will go over a few right now.


One you can blog daily and over time with good keyword research you will get traffic on autopilot, only downfall with this method is that it is a long term strategy. The great part about blogging is the content is out there forever so it is possible to be building a list from content that is many years old if it is congruent with what someone is searching for at the time.


The second way which is free is by posting on Craigslist or Backpage, this method with a clickable image and a title that is congruent with your image generating leads every day is child’s play.


The third way is which is also free is to advertise on Safelists, this is a great place to test ad copy before you do a paid solo ad. Doesn’t matter if you are doing a solo ad co op, since someone else will be writing the ad copy for you.


The fourth way is to do a paid solo ad; this is an instant gratification list building strategy that can send hundreds and even thousands of leads into your autoresponder. The thing to mention is you should not

use money you cannot afford to part with since not all solo ads are successful but the ones that are will build your business fast.


The fifth way is by using social media sites, millions of people are looking for opportunities every day. You can advertise in groups that are congruent with your offering on Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In and many more.


The sixth way is by placing banner ads, do some searches in Google for a keyword someone might type in that is congruent with what you will be advertising and then contact the owner of the website and negotiate a price for a certain amount of impressions.


The seventh way is by purchasing a PPC ad or Pay Per Click, each vendor is different on how to approach it so again if you do a search in Google for PPC ads you will find some vendors and again this is instant traffic and also instant results.


There are many other ways as well but these are the methods I like the best.


Now for the Autoresponder now that you generated some leads, you can create a follow up message sequence that will be drip fed to your list over time or you can send an email daily through the service you purchased.


Each service has how to guides on how to do this but after you do a few it is a piece of cake.


You need to be consistent with follow up, some people don’t make a purchase or join your business on the first message and some will be on your list for months before taking action or unsubscribing.


Work with me personally here.




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