What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself

What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself – Ted Talks



Create your reality

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is life happening to us or are we creating our experiences and reality through our thought?


Life is not just happening to us and if we take full ownership of our thoughts and become aware of all the things happening around us it becomes very apparent we have the power to change anything based on what we think about it.


Yes, I know it is more than just thinking since action has to be taken as well but the thoughts create the reality that you experience in life.


The man in the Ted Talks learned this quickly when he became blind, the blindness gave him vision.


We believe based on millions of data collected since we were just a small child.


I mean if we look around we see people that are extremely poor to extremely rich and in between as well.


Our beliefs keep us in one area or the other, if we want to move quickly into a more abundant life in all areas we must develop the beliefs that will get us there.


How do we do that?


Get around people who are already there and make small goals to build confidence and belief that you can be there too.


It’s easier than ever these days to do this since we have the internet, you don’t have to be physically in the room with these mentors so to speak. You just need to find the information and act on it daily till your beliefs change.


Truly anything is possible for you.


I believe in the mastermind principle, get involved with a group of people with the same common goals.


Celebrate each other’s successes and build that strong belief you need to be successful!


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A mastermind can make a huge impact over time into developing your belief and completely transforming your life for the better.


Plus you get to learn and connect with some pretty awesome people.


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