When We Feel The Way We Think

When We Feel The Way We Think


When We Feel The Way We Think


My journey into personal development began in the beginning of 2012 and in that time to now the right people and ideas have popped up exactly when I was ready for them.


We have to reinvent ourselves if we ever expect things to be different, invest the short time it takes to watch this video from Joe Dispenza.


Your life is created by the thoughts you think, every single one of them and when we realize this we wont entertain dis empowering ones any more.

It’s a real challenge doing this in the beginning because we don’t consciously do it once we get to a point in life when we aren’t continuing to grow.


At this point we are in a pre programmed loop that we barely deviate from on a daily basis and once this happens we are merely existing.


I know at times I may seem redundant, however I know the value personal development has brought to my life and if I just kept it to myself it would be very selfish.


If you have a family it can help you all, many wont accept what you are doing but they will when they see the results you are achieving and how happy you become over time.


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