Who is Abraham Hicks

Who is Abraham Hicks


Who is Abraham Hicks


Abraham Hicks is just a name and actually it is just Abraham since Hicks is just the last name of Esther Hicks which is who Abraham speaks through.


Abraham Hicks  speaks through Esther Hicks and has been described as group consciousness from the non physical realm. We are taught by Abraham Hicks that when we are experiencing extreme joy, love etc we are experiencing source energy, whether you want to view this source as God or the Universe it is completely up to you.


We are taught how to use the law of attraction in a positive way from Abraham Hicks, you see most people go through life thinking things just happen to them and don’t give much thought that they are actually one with the creator based on the thoughts that are bouncing around on their head all day.


We become what we think about the majority of the time, Abraham tells us to be aware of these thoughts and begin to actively change the ones that are not doing us any favors in life.


Abraham Hicks has helped many people discover the power that they hold and to follow their bliss when things feel right, Abraham is a feeling and we attract things to us based on emotions we feel toward particular things.


We only attract into our lives what we are in vibration with, if we have very low level frequency thoughts we attract more of it and the same goes for high level frequency thoughts. An example of a low level frequency thought would be I am so fat or I am so stupid or I am so broke.


Those low level frequency thoughts don’t feel great right? High level frequency thoughts not only make us feel great they attract to us more things to feel great about and that is why Abraham Hicks talks a lot about gratitude and the power of it.


Abraham Hicks Changes Lives


The study of the teachings from Abraham can truly change your life, especially if you have been coasting through life on mind autopilot. Once you fully understand about our ability to be co creators your life will never be the same, you will be growing into a person who knows and believes in abundance for all.


I am very grateful that I learned about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction in general since it has made a huge impact in my life as well as my family and many other people that I share the law of attraction information with on a daily basis.


Abraham is just one facilitator of the law of attraction and for the past three years I have immersed my life into the study of this awesome power. We are all active participants using the law of attraction in our lives every day anyway so we might as well make it fun and get awesome results too right?


Hoping you are actively seeking to use the law of attraction to make your life one of magic and excitement since you deserve it!


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