Why Is Elon Musk Boring

Why Is Elon Musk Boring



Why Is Elon Musk Boring


Elon Musk is one amazing human being and visionary and to most people would never be considered boring.


In the video above you will find out he is actually designing boring machine technology, as in boring tunnels under the earth to alleviate surface street congestion in busy cities.


No one likes being stuck in endless traffic and to come up with technology that is safe and fast would be incredible.


If you have ever taken a ride in a Tesla car that Elon Musk created you will know anything is possible because the technology can self drive, go zero to sixty faster than super cars that cost hundreds of thousands more.


You will also learn that as long as tunnels are dug deeper down we will not even be able to detect that they are boring them.


I know it was exciting to think that maybe one day we would travel like the Jetsons in our jet cars, which also could be possible but this would also lead to a lot of anxiety since vehicles would be flying over our heads everyday.


With tunnels we wouldn’t see anything, of course if you are afraid of being in a tunnel then this may not be for you.


Elon Musk also talks about his driver less technology where you could get in a Tesla and be in New York and type in Los Angeles in the GPS and not have to touch any controls for the entire journey.


So overall he is not boring in the traditional sense, amazing times will be here in the very near future for sure!


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